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Home of the world's finest Holistic Health & Wellness products, services and empowerment information. Our premium, 100% natural and organic complimentary, energy supplements, cutting edge therapeutics, featuring the Alkalizer, Shower Magic water filtration units will assist overall healing, high vibration and sustained energy.

University Spa Wellness Providers offer a 'comprehensive' proven effective way, empowering individuals to restore or achieve balance, harmony and total wellness through user friendly, self diagnostic testing, cleansing, cellular nutrition, and information selected for your specific needs on this site.

Combining daily consumption of fresh, live (whole) foods and hi-Ph level water to nourish, cleanse and alkaline the body with our unique products and services, a healthier, stress-free life is obtainable. Revisit us here for a perfect blend of traditional and cutting edge preventative measures as we develop USC coming soon to a locaton near you.

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