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Computer Upgrades          

Old computers can be more of a inconvenience than not having a computer at all. If you are having a lot of problems, or your computer is more than 4 years old, you might want to consider upgrading it.

We will perform hardware and software upgrades to any personal computer.

Data Recovery

Have you ever worked on a project or report for several days and on the day that it is due your computer has crashed? Have you ever turned on your computer only to find that there is an error message that prevents you from working? Have children or any other people messed up your computer and you had some important file on it? Kubitt is offering data recovery services for usb drives, removable storage cards, laptop and desktop computers. We will recover your vital data and restore your system to it's factory settings.

Web Design

If you are planning on starting a new business, or you just need some online marketing, a web site is the way to go. Kubitt will assist you in establishing a strong presence on the world wide web. Click here to see samples of many satisfied clients.

Custom Computers

We construct customizable personal computers from the ground up. Together we can accurately analyze your needs and build a computer that is just right for you. All custom computers come with subscription free anti-virus program, firewall, pop-up blocker, at least two web browsers and much more. Give us a call for your free custom computer consultation.

Networking Solutions

If you have more than one computer and you want to share information, printers, or even access the Internet from one connection, a network is perfect for you. Kubitt will come to your house , analyze your needs, and design a network of computers that fits your budget.

Tired of cords and wires everywhere? Want to surf the Internet on your front lawn? Maybe a wireless network is right for you.

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The Internet can be a very dangerous place if you don't have the right protection. You can get a virus, be monitored/tracked, or get your personal information compromised. We will use our arsenal of up to date computer virus detection, removal, and prevention software to keep your computer and information safe. We can get rid of most of those annoying pop ups too.

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Photo DVD Shows

Kubitt provides DVD Slide shows. Many of our clients have requested to have their precious moments put on DVD. These shows have become great for aniversaries, weddings, and many other memorable moments. Samples coming soon...

Kubitt is happy to help clients with problems no matter how small!